Saturday, May 21, 2011

Classic and Antique CPU Meter, two desktop gadget to monitor CPU and RAM

The passionate users of Windows Vista and 7, the two latest OS redmondiani (though not for long ...) will definitely got to try at least once, to place on your desktop with a nice gadget that not only beautify the virtual desktop but, of course in order to have at hand the appropriate and useful tools.

This is the case, for example, the CPU meter that, once placed on the desktop, you can keep under control by a single glance, the quantity, of course also the CPU and RAM used.

This is a pretty useful gadget and commonly used by large numbers of users, however, as only negative is impossible to be customized.

However, if the functionality of the CPU meter be interesting but the design and offered a lot less if you were looking for something similar but at the same time, alternative, then, without a doubt, it is necessary to give a 'look at Antique and Classic CPU Meter CPU Meter.

It is in fact two new and wonderful gadgets to your desktop, absolutely free downloadable and usable without any problem on both Windows Vista and Seven, which allow you to monitor CPU usage and RAM as well as granted by the gadget's built-in default But two OS but distinguished from it in the eye-catching desing.

Classic CPU Meter, visible in the first sample image, inspired by the classic indicators for engines, as well as the name suggests, and is available in three colors: black, white and ivory.

Antique CPU Meter, however, visible in the figure above, is inspired by the old-style indicators and is available in white and ivory.

Both gadgets are available for download as a RAR file that, once the download is complete, it will just extract everything and run the file corresponding to the variant of interest that the gadget will be added automatically to the desktop.

Download | Classic CPU MeterAntique CPU Meter

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