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Best 3 Blu-ray to iPod Conversion Software

Blu-ray to iPod conversion software came about as added features of your basic DVD copy software. Ripping the data from Blu-ray discs is the first step, and then developers figured out how to transfer that data onto iPods.Blu-ray to iPod Conversion Software

iPods and iPads are everywhere now and users seek out any option they can to utilize their Blu-ray and DVD media with their portable devices.

Top 3 Blu-ray Conversion Software

#3 – 4Videosoft

4Videosoft stands out because it is so easy to use and because the quality of the converted video from this software is exceptional. While lacking some key customization and customer service features, it still has the basic features that will convert Blu-ray to iPod for you.

  • Easy to use
  • Converted file merge capabilities
  • Convert individual selections
  • Add watermarks and subtitles
  • Conversion preview
  • Output file adjustment tools

The cons are no audio extraction, no video enhancement tools (that I could find), no phone support and no user forums. While not essential to file conversion, some users prefer a higher level of customization.

The conversion speed is above average, but it’s the high quality of the converted files that make this software stand out.

#2 – Aiseesoft

Aiseesoft strengths are in conversion speed and quality of picture. It’s fairly easy to use and offers conversion to several file types other than the ones that will work on different iPods. PSP and Apple TV video are also supported here.

You will find a lot of the same features here that are standard with the best Blu-ray to iPod conversion software:

  • Convert individual selections
  • Video enhancement
  • Adjust output specifications
  • Add watermarks and subtitles

There’s no audio extraction tool here and no user forum, though both of these features are pretty much non-essential. But they could be deal-breakers for some.

#1 – Leawo

Leawo conversion software really has everything you need to convert Blu-ray to iPod, DVD copy and convert from many other file types into something you can watch on your iPod. Leawo will convert to MP4 and QuickTime but not to M4V (Mac-specific).

This software is packed with features and will deliver a high-quality conversion for your iPod. The coolest thing about Leawo is that you can do a basic conversion in two mouse-clicks or customize every element of the conversion process if you like.

Some of the features you get with Leawo include:

  • Video enhancement tools
  • Conversion preview (though this feature is sluggish at times)
  • Converted file merging
  • Audio extraction tool
  • Subtitle tool
  • Active user forums for help

Compression codices, frame rates, aspect ratios and stereo channels can all be tweaked. If you just want a basic conversion, it’s so easy. If you want the higher level of customization, you have that option.

There’s even an HD iPhone format for conversion to iPhone 4. Though this would seriously hog the already slender storage capacity of iPhone 4, you have the option.

Leawo is great and easy-to-use all-around conversion software for Blu-ray to iPod and so many other file types.

Blu-ray has pretty much won their battle of supremacy over DVDs. DVDs will still be around for a while yet, but as the price of high definition televisions goes down and more households convert to fancy TVs, DVDs just aren’t good enough anymore for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the massive Blu-ray storage capabilities.

iPod users can now take advantage of the quality of Blu-ray using a good conversion software.

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